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Divorce, Criminal, & Civil Litigation needs

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Metcalf & Metcalf, P.C. is a Manhattan based law firm serving all your Divorce, Criminal, & Civil Litigation needs.

About Metcalf & Metcalf, P.C.

About Metcalf & Metcalf, P.C.

Our service and professionalism is unmatched, utilizing years of experience, knowledge, determination making us stand out from others.

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Metcalf & Metcalf, P.C. practices Divorce, Criminal, & Civil Litigation, serving all of New York. Contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (646) 253-0514.

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  • “Steven Metcalf’s level of service and professionalism is unmatched. I am confident in my familys’ future security knowing that all of my estate planning needs have now been met. Will definitely recommend to family, friends, and colleagues!”

    — J. Mackie, Suffolk County, NY

  • “Steven Metcalf is an extremely intelligent and hard working individual. He shows leadership and iniative in everything he does and approaches every task with the attitude that it is never too big to handled."

    — Andrew Ruhlman

  • “Steven is an outstanding writer, researcher, thinker, and advocate whose law skills and commitment to effective service will serve many client very well. He is also an outstanding and gracious person who improves any community of which he is a part.”

    — Nelson Miller, Esq.

  • “Steven Metcalf’s dedeication to the legal profession is an inspiration . . . He is perceptive beyond his years.”

    — Joseph Celello, Esq.